Build Your Condition Block

Learn how to use AND and OR in the conditions blocks to fully customise your triggers.

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Flexibility is a key asset for trading. Having the possibility of customising your conditions allows your automated trading strategy to fit better your needs. That also allows you to experiment with more strategy combinations to adjust them to all possible market conditions.

Customise your conditions

On a Trader plan, you can add up to five different conditions per block so that the strategy will fire the orders based on complex combinations. The more precise is the definition of the trigger, the more effective the trading strategy will be!

How to set up your conditions?

You can add AND or OR between conditions to build your customised signal. You can combine two or more conditions using the AND if you want them to be met simultaneously to trigger the orders. On the other hand, use the OR to create an alternative scenario.

How it works

The system checks the conditions sequentially based on their order and then evaluates if overall the block is True or False.

These are the possible outcomes. The result can only be True or False. Thus, only the following combinations apply:

False AND False = False

False AND True = False

True AND False = False

True AND True = True

False OR False = False

False OR True = True

True OR False = True

True OR True = True

Keeping that in mind, the logic applies across multiple conditions in the following way:

Condition_1 AND / OR Condition_2 = Result_1

Result_1 AND / OR Condition_3 = Result_2

Result_2 AND / OR Condition_4 = Result_3

Result_3 AND / OR Condition_4 = Result_Final

Some Examples

  • Example 1

Con_1 (True) OR Con_2 (False) = Result_1 is True

Result_1 (True) AND Con_3 (True) = Result_2 is True

Result_2 (True) OR Con_4 (False) = Result_3 is True

Result_3 (True) AND Con_5 (True)= The Final Result is True > The condition is met.

  • Example 2

Con_1 (False) OR Con_2 (True)= Result_1 is True

Result_1 (True) AND Con_3 (False) = Result_2 is False

Result_2 (False) OR Con_4 (True) = Result_3 is True

Result_3 & Con_3 (False)= The Final Result is False > The condition is NOT met.

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