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How To Use 'Allocations' on Coinrule
How To Use 'Allocations' on Coinrule

Understanding how to use fund allocations for your trading rules on Coinrule

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Introducing Allocations in Coinrule

We're excited to introduce our latest feature, 'Allocations,' designed to give you more control over your trading strategies by specifying the amount of your wallet balance (either in % or asset) to be allocated to a rule. This feature allows for precise management of your assets, ensuring that your trading rules align perfectly with your financial goals.

How Allocations Work

Allocations allow you to define the portion of your wallet balance that will be available for trading by a specific rule. Here’s a breakdown of how this feature functions:

Starting Allocation: This defines the percentage of your selected wallet balance that will be allocated to the rule. For instance, if you set a rule to trade with "50% of USDT wallet," this means that 50% of the balance of your USDT wallet will be allocated to that rule.

Wallet Balance: To use allocations effectively, you must select the wallet you wish to use and have a balance in the wallet.

Currently, allocations can only be used for spot trading. This feature is not available for leverage trading at this time.

How to Set Up Your Rule Using Allocations

1. Select Your Wallet: To use allocations, it is important to select your wallet FIRST before setting the other required rule parameters

2. Set Your Rule: Set your rule conditions
3. Define the Allocation: Specify the percentage of the wallet balance to be allocated to the rule

4. Execute Your Strategy: Monitor and manage your trades, knowing that your allocations are precisely managed.

Example Scenario

  • In this example, the rule is set to buy 10% of any coin with using the USDT wallet.

  • The specified allocation is 50% of the USDT wallet

  • Essentially the rule will be using 10% of the specified allocation of 50% of the USDT wallet

By leveraging the Allocations feature, you can enhance your trading strategies, ensuring optimal use of your assets while maintaining control over your investments.

For more information and detailed guidance, please contact our support team [email protected].

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