Trading Exceptions on Coinrule

How to use trading exceptions on Coinrule

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Introducing Trading Exceptions on Coinrule

When running a trading rule, traders can now set their preferred trading exceptions on Coinrule.

Traders can set specific trading exceptions to prevent rules from buying “same coin twice until sold,” “stablecoins” and “fiat currencies.” This integration eliminates the need to enter Do NOT conditions in your rules when using the specified trading exceptions, providing a seamless trading experience.

“DO NOT buy same coin twice until sold” trading exception will prevent each rule from buying a coin again until the coin has been sold. Once the open trade has been closed through a sell, the rule will then buy the same coin again should it meet the conditions you have set up.

Important: Do not buy same coin twice until sold trading exception applies as a default for each rule separately. For example, if rule 1 buys BTC, another rule (e.g. rule 2 can also buy it. Essentially, it basically prevents the need to enter the do not operator when creating a rule.

Stablecoins and Fiat Currencies

Once the “DO NOT buy stablecoin” and "DO NOT buy fiat currencies" trading exceptions are enabled, this will prevent rules from buying Stablecoins and Fiat Currencies when it checks for potential trades.

To set your trading exceptions on Coinrule, follow the steps below:

1. Login your Coinrule account and navigate to the Settings page.

2. On the settings page, navigate to 'Advanced

3. Under the advanced section, navigate to "Trading Exceptions"

4. On 'trading exceptions' click the toggle to customize your preferred settings

TIP: Trading exceptions only apply when using: 'any coin, any of my coins, best performing coin, bundles' etc. For example, if a user selects specific coin(s) such as "IF KAVA has price greater than x in x timeframe BUY...", in that case the exception is not applied.

Essentially, in the scenario below, the trading exceptions will not be applied.

The trading exceptions allows for a greater level of control over the coins the rule will trade. This way, you can optimize further how every single rule works, giving you the ability to customize your rules with exceptions with just one click.

Happy trading!

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