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How To Use Coinrule
How To Use Coinrule

A detailed guide on how to get started with Coinrule

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Learn How To Use Coinrule

Coinrule is an automated trading platform that helps you trade and take profits or stop losses depending on your trading needs.

Coinrule stands as a dynamic automated trading platform, tailored to empower traders with a range of strategies for different levels of automation and involvement. We don't create bots for you, but we present a Marketplace and hundreds of template rules that can help you get started.

Here's how you can leverage Coinrule for your trading needs:

  1. Marketplace Strategies: Fully Automated Rules

    In the Marketplace, you'll find a variety of pre-made strategies designed for full automation. This option is perfect for those who prefer a hands-off approach, allowing the system to execute trades based on predefined conditions. You can visit our Strategies Marketplace and Learn How To Use.

  2. Templates Strategies: Semi-Automated Rules

    For those who prefer a bit more control, Template Strategies offer a semi-automated experience. Here, you can start with a pre-designed rule and then customize it to suit your specific trading style or preferences: Pre-Built Template Strategies.

  3. Build Your Own Strategy: 'Manual' Creation of Rules

    If you're looking for complete control over your trading strategy, Coinrule allows you to build your strategy from scratch. This option is ideal for experienced traders who have a clear vision of their trading rules and criteria.

The platform includes various indicators, timeframes, and also our TradingView integration that provides you with more trading options. The profit can vary based on the coins the rule trades and the general market conditions. Trading involves risk, so you could lose or you can gain with profits not being stable over time.
Coinrule is cloud-based so you don't need to keep your PC on as they run on our servers 24/7.
You can use Coinrule for free on a Starter plan, or you can upgrade to one of the Premium options: Compare Plans. Using a premium plan will gain you access to our Telegram community where Coinrule traders share their rules and trading ideas.

These 1-Minute Short Videos will give you a brief introduction to Coinrule.
Find out how to Build a Rule in a few steps.

You can visit our exhaustive Knowledge Base for more information or drop us a message and we would be happy to help. To get started, you can begin trading with our Demo Exchange which helps you get familiar with the platform without involving your funds.

Happy Trading!

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