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How to Manage Your Plan
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Learn How to Manage Your Plan on Coinrule

On the Coinrule platform, there are various subscription plans specially designed for you regardless of your level of expertise and the frequency of your trading.

Here is a list of our various subscription plans and their features.

 coinrule pricing plans

The prices above are intended for annual plans. You can also choose a monthly subscription when upgrading.

Use the toggle on the top right of the billing page to select a monthly option.

Starter Plan

After signing up on Coinrule, you automatically get a free Starter plan which offers you access to 2 Live rules and up to $3000 monthly trading volume. You also have the opportunity to connect with one exchange.

This plan is suitable if you would like to have a feel of the platform and get familiar with how it all works.

Hobbyist Plan

If you would like to step up your trading actively, the Hobbyist plan will likely suit better your needs.

As the name of the plan suggests, it is suitable for beginners and traders venturing automates trading systems for the first time.

Trader Plan

Active traders will take full advantage of Coinrule by upgrading to the Trader plan. The access to the complete template library offers the perfect way to get started with Coinrule.

Higher speed of execution allows you to catch the best market opportunities and higher trading volume limits accommodate larger trade sizes and more frequent trades for your trading strategies.

Pro Plan

If you are looking for high-speed executions on the market, larger trading volume, and even more active strategies running in parallel, the Pro plan is what you need to bring your trading experience to the next level. It offers:

What If I can't find a suitable plan?

In cases where you would prefer a slightly different trading arrangement, for instance, you need a plan similar to the trader plan, howbeit with a higher trading volume. There is an opportunity to make a suitable arrangement, you contact the support team to get that sorted.

Can I switch Plans?

At any time, you can upgrade or downgrade the plan. In case you need to upgrade to a higher plan, you will pay only the difference between the pricing of the new plan and the amount previously paid.

If you need to downgrade, you can schedule the downgrade starting from the next billing cycle.

Send us a message with the details of your needs, and we will do our best to accommodate them as soon as possible.

Can I pay with Crypto?

You can also make your payments with crypto. We offer crypto payments for annual plans, however, feel free to contact the support team if you would like a customized plan.

Payments can be made from your preferred exchange. The use of Coinbase commerce as the payment platform is however an additional level of security put in place to ensure that you are safe.

How to Cancel your plan

If you would like to cancel your plan, you can contact the support team and the plan will be automatically canceled. We love to hear your feedback, please feel free to share your feedback with us before canceling your plan.

In other cases involving payments, please feel free to contact the support team.

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