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Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Coinrule
Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Coinrule

Protect your Coinrule account by enabling Two-Factor Authentication.

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How To Enable Two-Factor Authentication On Coinrule

The security of your account and your funds is our top priority! Protect your Coinrule account by enabling Two-Factor Authentication.

As a reminder, Coinrule's API keys don't have withdrawal rights on your funds. They are safely stored on the exchange at any time. The API connection only allows the bots to trade your funds on your behalf.

Two-Factor Authentication prevents unauthorized access to your account by asking you to enter an additional code when you sign in. You will install the Google Authenticator app that will generate the needed code at any time.

It's easy, quick, and adds a significant layer of security over your funds.

How to enable Two-Factor Authentication

Follow these steps to opt in to Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Install the Google Authenticator app for Android, or iOS.

  • On the Settings page, use the toggle to switch on the Two-Factor Authentication.

  • Scan the code using the Google Authenticator app.

scan google authenticator code

  • Input the code you get from the app.

input code

  • Safely store your Two-Factor Authenticator's backup codes in case you will lose access to your mobile device.

store the backup

  • You are all set up!

two-factor authenticator enabled

From now on, when you sign in to Coinrule, you will need to digit the code to confirm the access.

sign in with two-factor authentication

You can disable Two-Factor Authentication from the Settings page at any time. To confirm the request, input the 2FA code. However, this is an essential security feature, and we advise you to keep it enabled to protect your account.

If you lose your mobile device or anything prevents you from getting the 2FA code, you should contact support[at] or send us a message using the chat messenger. After the required verification process, Coinrule will restore access to the account.
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