The ANY TIME Operator

Using the ANY TIME operator allows your rule to run several times in parallel

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Introducing The 'ANY TIME' Operator

By selecting the Any Time operator, the first condition set in the rule can restart as soon as the first action is executed. The rule won't wait for the second action to complete so you will allow the rule to open multiple trades at the same time in parallel.

A basic example of this would be the Bitcoin DCA-accumulation strategy.

As long as the first condition is met, the rule will keep open new trades (A).

For each trade executed in the first part of the rule (A), the bot creates a new parallel (B) one connected to the first one.
When using the ANY TIME operator as shown in the rule above, it's strongly advisable to set up how often you want the rule to execute block A to avoid over-trading. You can set it using the option "no more than once..." (C).
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