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How to create an automated trading strategy step-by-step.

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How To Build A Rule On Coinrule

Using the Coinrule interface, you can easily build rules that allow you to automate your trading!

From the dashboard, click "Create Rule," this will take you to the rule editor.

First, select the exchange you would like the rule to run on, you can check the available wallets on the exchange once you have selected one.

Then, you can start specifying the conditions that you would like in place for the rule to trigger.

Once you have selected the condition it's time to define an action or multiple actions that the bot will execute once the condition is met.

Once you have set up the first execution, you can create a more advanced rule by adding an operator.

The operator is representative of a logical connection between different blocks within one rule.

There are five operators that are available to use when using Coinrule, providing versatility and fluidity to create any trading plan desired.

Lastly, you can set the time you would like to Launch the rule, and how many times you would like the rule to be executed. It is of utmost importance to avoid overtrading by setting a limit of execution within a timeframe.

You are now ready to create your first rules!

You may find it useful to have a look at our best-performing templates.

Build your rule now on Coinrule to maximize your profits and returns!

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