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Cforce FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Cforce

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  • What is Cforce?

    • Cforce is an exclusive strategy that is only available to iGenius members and is powered by Coinrule’s smart crypto trading software platform. Cforce seeks to capitalize on key trends in the crypto markets while employing a vital capital preservation strategy.

  • Is Cforce a trading bot or AI?

    • The Cforce strategy is proprietary and multi-faceted (a lot happening behind the scenes, and not all details are made public). There are automated indicators and other technologies working behind the scenes via Coinrule’s software to execute the trades.

  • How does Cforce work?

    • When you connect the Cforce strategy and software to your exchange account, you choose how much of your USDC/USDT you want to be allocated/connected to the strategy/software. Cforce allocates a percentage of the funds you have connected into each position. So if a trade calls for 20% and you have $1,000 connected, $200 will be entered into that position.

  • Who gets access to Cforce?

    • To get access to Cforce, you must be an Elite member of iGenius.

  • I'm an Elite member of iGenius, how do I get connected to Cforce?

    • In the iGenius Backoffice, click "My Products"

    • Next, click "Partnerships"

    • Next, click "COINpro/Cforce"

    • On the COINpro/Cforce page, click on the button that says: "Connect to Cforce" to begin the onboarding process.

Important: To access Cforce, members must become a client of Coinrule. Coinrule is a crypto trading software provider not owned by or affiliated with iGenius/Investview or any of its subsidiaries. COINpro/Cforce is a third party product offering. Members should review Coinrule’s terms and conditions before creating a Coinrule account. Digital currency trading involves risk. Past performance is not indicative of future results. iGenius is not a financial advisor.

  • What does Cforce trade and how often?

    • Cforce could be viewed as a lower frequency strategy. Cforce typically trades the top 20 cryptocurrencies and generally does not have more than 5 open positions at a time, but both of those parameters can be adjusted.

  • Why would I connect to Cforce and not just buy and hold some crypto?

    • Cforce attempts to capitalize on key trends in the crypto markets. So in theory, the Cforce strategy/software attempts to outperform a buy and hold strategy by timing the markets and capitalizing on the key movements. Of course there are no guarantees. Savvy investors would probably do both, but Cforce gives average people access to a technology and strategy with unique potential.

  • How do I know my Cforce strategy is connected?

    • Generally as long as the strategy is live and the exchange is connected and there are no error messages, the strategy is running. The status bar also displays the status of the rule. 'Scanning conditions' essentially means the rule engine is scanning the market based on the conditions, once they are met, the strategy will trigger.

  • How can I specify the trade amount for my Cforce strategy?

    • You can’t set a specific trade amount when trading with Cforce, however you can set an allocated amount. Cforce allocates a percentage of the funds you have connected into each position. So if a trade calls for 20% and you have $1,000 connected, $200 will be entered into that position.

  • How Can I increase the allocated amount for my Cforce strategy?

    • To increase the allocated amount for your Cforce strategy, follow these steps:

    • Firstly, remove the running strategy

    • Then go to the marketplace and select Cforce

    • Then input your the new allocation for the strategy

    • Finally, relaunch the strategy

  • I have noticed that other users have their Cforce strategy triggering trades but mine hasn't triggered

    • For your strategy to run as expected, it is important to ensure that you have sufficient USDC or USDT in your exchange account. Something else to bear in mind is that geo-restrictions can prevent certain coins from being traded. That means some trades may trigger for other iGenius users but not for you.

    • You may share your Cforce strategy URL with the Coinrule team to investigate. You will find it on the Rule Detail page:

  • How do I delete my account?

    • To delete your Coinrule account, kindly reach out to the Coinrule support team via [email protected] to request for your account to be deleted.

For any more questions about Cforce, feel free to reach out to the support team via [email protected]

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