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Trading With Leverage on Coinrule
Automatic Flipping Protection for Leverage Rules
Automatic Flipping Protection for Leverage Rules

If you close a position outside of Coinrule, the system takes it into account

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Our system checks if your open/short positions that were opened by Coinrule are still open before placing trades. In the past, a position opened by a Coinrule rule that was manually closed by you on an exchange would have been considered still open by the rule. Our system, unaware of this closure, might inadvertently open a short or long position. For instance, if it was originally a long position which got liquidated, the rule could have opened a new short position. Now, if the position is found to be non-existent, the rule engine will terminate the position on our end. Consequently, users will receive a notification reading "Position externally closed" (refer to image below).

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