Rule Persistence Logic

Breakdown of rule persistence logic to ensure rules keep running even when errors occur

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Rule Persistence Logic Explained

We understand that, in the world of trading, time is of the essence. The enhanced Rule Persistence improvements are designed to ensure your trading rules keep running, even when unforeseen errors crop up. Instead of stopping entirely upon encountering an error, your rule will attempt to recover and continue to execute.
Our main goal is to minimize interruptions and ensure a smooth trading experience for you.

How Does Rule Persistence Logic Work?

Once an error occurs in a rule, here's a breakdown of the rule persistence logic:

1. Initial Attempt: The rule will try to execute 5 times.

2. First Pause: If the rule faces consistent errors, it will pause for 3 minutes.

3. Second Attempt: After the brief pause, the rule will retry 5 more times.

4. Second Pause: If errors persist, it will pause for 10 minutes.

5. Third Attempt: After the pause, the rule will retry 5 more times.

6. Third Pause: If still unsuccessful, it will pause for 30 minutes.

7. Fourth Attempt: It will retry another 5 times.

8. Fourth Pause: Following persistent errors, the rule will pause for 3 hours.

9. Fifth Attempt: It will retry 5 times once more.

10. Fifth Pause: If unsuccessful, the rule will pause for 24 hours.

11. Last Attempt: The rule will make its final 5 retries.

12. Final Pause: If all these attempts fail, the rule will then be paused and no retry attempts will be made.

By following this structure, we are maximizing the chances of your rule executing successfully, while also ensuring it doesn't get stuck in a continuous loop of errors.

Note on 'Any Time' Rules: We'd like to highlight that the Rule Persistence feature is not fully compatible with 'any time' rules as of now. Our team is aware of this limitation and is diligently working to introduce further improvements to address this in the near future.

The enhanced Rule Persistence feature is a testament to Coinrule's commitment to providing a seamless and reliable trading platform for its users. We're constantly listening to feedback and improving. If you have any questions or face issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via [email protected]

Stay tuned for more updates and happy trading!

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