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Price Increase With Multiple Coins Logic
Price Increase With Multiple Coins Logic
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When using price increase by x% with multiple assets, the snapshot of coins are taken at the start of the rule and updated once the rule's conditions are met by one of the selected coins:

Example 1

  • Rule starts at 8pm and conditions are evaluated

  • Current live price snapshot of referenced coins (ADADOWN, ADA, ACM) is taken

  • ADA Price was 0.3 USD then price increased by 1%.

  • ADA has met the conditions in Action 1 set above in the screenshot

  • The rule buys ADA

  • Once the rule buys ADA we update the snapshot for all the coins (ADADOWN, ADA & ACM)

  • The rule continues to evaluate the conditions using the updated snapshot of the coins


  • CurrentLivePrice snapshot is taken at the beginning of every cycle

  • Rule start -> Snapshot taken

  • Position open + close -> Snapshot taken

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