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Binance API Setup

A step-by-step guide to create your API Key on Binance and connect your Coinrule account.

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Binance API Setup

To be able to connect Coinrule with your Binance account, you will need to create an API Key that will allow you to create an automated trading bot on Binance.

As a first step, log in with your credentials to Binance and select your account settings on the top right and click on “API Management”.

On the "API Management" page, click "create API" on the top right corner.

Then, follow the required steps to start the API Key creation process. Make sure you have enabled the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) since this is required to go ahead in the process. Give a name to the new API first.

Binance will ask to confirm the API creation according to your security settings. Once the API is created, click on “Edit Restrictions”.

For enhanced security, select Restrict access to trusted IPs only. Copy the list of IPs on Coinrule and paste it on Binance.

Then, enable spot and margin trading. Now save and confirm once again with the authenticator code. Remember, Coinrule doesn’t need any withdrawal permissions, so for your own security, you don’t have to select this option.

Finally, you have to copy/paste both the API Key and the Secret Key in the Exchanges section of your Coinrule account.

You can also connect your Binance account to Coinrule using Binance one-click connect on the Exchanges page

Note: The restriction on API keys creation is enabled on Binance. If a user didn’t get an Email notification from Binance, and the user didn’t login and click “I agree” on the API Management page, their new API key creation will be rejected.
Please note: (1) Old keys’ usage will NOT be affected. (2) Deletion and permission update of old key(s) will also NOT be affected. (3) If the user is rejected from creation, just need to login to API-management page and click “I agree”

You are now ready to make use of your automated trading bot on Binance with Coinrule!

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