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What Is Advanced Trade On Coinbase?
What Is Advanced Trade On Coinbase?
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FAQ: What Is Advanced Trade On Coinbase?

Advanced Trade offers the same robust tools as Coinbase Pro, like interactive charts, advanced order types, and order books so you can make the best trading decisions. See the below chart for a breakdown of similarities and differences between Coinbase Pro and Advanced Trade:

Coinbase Pro

Advanced Trade


≤ 0.4% maker, ≤ 0.6% taker | see the breakdown

≤ 0.4% maker, ≤ 0.6% taker; based on your 30-day trailing volume on Coinbase Pro and Advanced Trade | see the breakdown

DeFi Rewards

Not supported

Earn up to 5% APY rewards on your USDC, ETH2, DAI, ALGO, ATOM, XTZ

Asset availability

350+ market pairs, see the full list

All market pairs supported on Coinbase Pro, with the same liquidity.

Order types

Market, Limit, Stop Limit

Market, Limit, Stop Limit


Basic charts with EMA12 and EMA26 indicators

Charts powered by TradingView with EMA, MA, MACD, RSI, Bollinger Bands, and drawing tools

More indicators coming soon


2FA, biometrics for mobile, Address Whitelisting, FDIC-insured USD balances up to $250K (click here for more information about FDIC pass-through insurance)

2FA, biometrics for mobile, FDIC-insured USD balances up to $250K (click here for more information about FDIC pass-through insurance), YubiKey for mobile, Coinbase Vault, Address Whitelisting (aka Allowlist)

Mobile app



Trading API






Since Advanced Trade is on, you get all the benefits of one financial account—this means you can trade, stake, borrow, earn, and spend all from your Coinbase account. Whether you’re funding your balance on Coinbase for that next NFT purchase, getting your Coinbase Card rewards, or staking ETH2, now you can do all that and make advanced trades from one balance.

Coinbase Advance Trade is now available on Coinrule!

Learn more about how to connect your Coinbase Advanced Trade account to Coinrule in this article.

Happy Trading!

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