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How To Use Bundles On Coinrule
How To Use Bundles On Coinrule

A detailed guide on how to create, edit, delete and use Bundles effectively on Coinrule

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Learn How To Use Bundles On Coinrule

How to Create, Edit and Delete Bundles on Coinrule

Coinrule has introduced a new feature 'Bundles'. With Bundles, you can save your favorite coins as a bundle and also ‘exclude’ them with the ‘Do Not’ operator. Coinrule’s latest product update allows users to program their rules to only operate on specific bundles of coins whilst excluding all other coins in the market. Users can choose to create their own bundle or use any of our curated Coinrule bundles.

Curated Bundles

We have five available bundles ready to use with more being added soon:

DeFi- This Bundle will focus your rule to only trade coins that are related to decentralized finance. DeFi is targeting a $100 trillion dollar industry and is the biggest use case for crypto.

Top 10 Market Cap- This bundle will allow your rule to only trade the 10 highest market cap coins. These coins should have strong volume and liquidity meaning they can work well when using limit orders. This bundle excludes stablecoins that are in the Top 10.

PoS Layer 1s- This bundle specifically features coins that are layer 1s and use a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Proof-of-stake secures the network through validators staking their coins and compared to proof-of-work is more energy efficient. Increasing ESG compliance has led to these coins increasing in popularity with high potential that this trend will continue.

NFTs- This coin bundle bases all trades on coins that are NFT-related. When the NFT hysteria returns as NFT adoption increases, this is the bundle to use! During the previous bear market, NFTs were also some of the hardest hit making them possible candidates for shorting.

Gaming- This bundle allows your rule to only trade gaming-related coins. Gaming is arguably one of the most obvious industries for increased property ownership provided by NFTs and blockchain. Will the mass of gamers step on board the crypto gaming train?

Coinbase Portfolio NY- This bundle includes coins that work on Coinbase for users in New York. This bundle aims to solve the issue where the use of any "any coin" leads to errors due to Coinbase's geographic restrictions in the state of NY. We recommend that Coinbase users in New York opt for this specialized bundle instead of using "any coin".

How to Create Personalized Bundles

Users can design their own bespoke bundles to trade with. When selecting coins on the rule editor page, simply add all the coins you wish to add to the bundle then click “Create Bundle”:

After clicking ‘Create Bundle’ users will be required to name the bundle according to their preference and click ‘Save’. Once this is done, the bundle will be successfully created.

How to Edit Bundles

Once a bundle has been created, users can edit the bundle to add various coins and also add a description. To edit a created bundle when creating a rule, simply click on the Coin list dropdown and scroll down to ‘My Bundles’:

Users can edit an existing bundle under the ‘My Bundles’ list, by clicking ‘View/Edit’ on the right of the Coin list dropdown. After clicking view/edit, users will be directed to the Curated Bundles section where they can edit the title of their bundles, add a description to the bundle for a personalised experience and add to the bundle by selecting from a variety of coins and clicking ‘save’ at the bottom of the page:

How to Delete Bundles

Users can delete a bundle while on the ‘My Bundles’ page by clicking ‘Delete bundle’ at the bottom on the page:

So what can Bundles be used for?

Bundles can allow you to hone your rules to only operate on coins that are in line with your strategy. Imagine you’re very bullish on the future of the NFTs. You could design a bot that buys any coin in the NFT bundle whose price has decreased by 5% in the past 24 hours. You could use this specification to prevent your rule from buying tops and automatically accumulate coins in the NFT space and hold them for the long term:

Similarly, if you don’t like your rules trading with gaming coins, you could simply use the DO NOT operator and specify your rules to not buy any coins contained within the ‘Gaming’ Bundle:

Futures Trading with Bundles

You can now save your favorite coins as a bundle when trading futures on Coinrule. This allows users to program their rules to only operate on specific bundles of coins whilst excluding all other coins in the market.

There really are a vast array of opportunities with Bundles, we’re excited to see what you will create.

Whether you’re day trading crypto or have a more long-term approach, take your strategy to the next level with Coinrule’s Bundles!

We hope you enjoy the new feature. Happy trading!

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