What Is Best Performing Coin?
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What Is Best Performing Coin?

Best performing coin is the coin that had the highest price increase in the most recent 1 Day candle compared to the previous 1 Day candle as per TradingView. This is by definition always 1 specific coin. 24h later this will most likely be another coin.

โ€‹Time Zone Considerations

One important thing to note is that, when discussing best performing coin, especially in the context of the most recent 1 Day candle, it's crucial to understand that Candles are time zone independent. This means that regardless of where you are in the world, the data represented by a 1 Day candle remains consistent, ensuring a uniform frame of reference for traders globally.


The best performing coin provides a snapshot of the market's current momentum and direction. While it is a useful metric, it's vital for traders to use it in conjunction with other tools and research to make informed decisions.

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