Setting Margin Mode and Leverage

There are two different margin modes you can select, “cross” or “isolated”. “Cross” will result in all your trades sharing the same margin. This will result in your liquidation level being lower compared to “Isolated”, however, you run the risk of losing all your trading account capital if your liquidation level is reached.

“Isolated” results in each trade’s margin being isolated and only enables this amount to be lost if your liquidation level is reached. Your liquidation level will be higher than “cross”, but only the margin you have allocated for each trade is at risk.

Binance Futures Settings

Margin mode and leverage setting.

On futures, Coinrule allows you to trade one coin per rule. This is to prevent your rule opening trades on several different coins and drastically increasing your exposure to the market when using leverage.

The margin mode and leverage is individually set for each coin. The default setting on every coin is "cross" and 20x leverage when trading on Binance.

You can alter the leverage on each specific coin to obtain your desired position size.

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