How TradingView Triggers Coinrule's Actions

There are three possible ways triggers can interact with rules.

Trigger + Action

Using an indicator or a script to directly buy or sell a coin. The rule will only carry out buys or sells and will execute whenever the indicator or script is triggers. When using this, you only need to connect the Webhook URL and input "buy" or "sell" in the "Message" section on TradingView.

Trigger + Condition

In this situation you can utilise both TradingView's Indicators and Scripts along with Coinrule's logic. This provides another layer of customisation to your rules.

This could be using an indicator or a script to buy a coin and then using one of Coinrule's conditions to sell the coin. This is ideal for when you want to set a take-profit or stop-loss on your rule without having to rely on the script or indicator to trigger and sell.

Two Triggers + Two Actions

Another unique aspect of Coinrule's TradingView integration is that you can setup both buy and sell triggers within the same rule. Both indicators and scripts can be used for buy and sell orders that will trigger one after the other. This results in only one trade being open at a time.

Indicators and Scripts

You can use Indicators such as RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands and all other TradingView Indicators. You can specify the parameters of when you want your rule to execute in relation to the value of the indicator. The action on Coinrule will execute when this indicator value is met.

You can access TradingView indicators and scripts by selecting the "Indicators and Strategies" Icon on the bar at the top of the screen.

Using the "Search" function, you can find your chosen indicator, for example, MACD or Bollinger Bands. Alternatively you can search for an indicator, such as, Coinrule's "Buy the Dips".

As shown in the image above, a script will have the green and red, up and down arrows next to the name. An Indicator will have an "Fx" Icon next to the name.

Below is an example of how you can setup an indicator (RSI) to sell when it is approaching overbought ( > 65) that relies on closed candles.

How to Setup Indicators and Scripts

Once you have selected your script on from the "Indicators and Strategies" menu, you will select the "Alerts" icon and then "Create Alert" Icon. You can then choose the script from the "Condition" menu.

After choosing your indicator or strategy you will then paste the "Message" and "Webhook URL" you receive from Coinrule when you are launching your rule, into the "Message" and "Webhook URL" boxes on TradingView. Once this is complete your rule will be trading off TradingView Signals!

If your trigger is an indicator you will have to create two separate alerts - one for buying and one for selling. The "message" section has to contain "buy" or "sell" before the token.

Here is an example :

"buy vQyKV28VBtekitH97KR_m4pB"

"sell vQyKV28VBtekitH97KR_m4pB"

If your trigger is a TradingView Strategy Script, it will automatically buy and sell and you can use "{{strategy.order.action}}" in the "message" section before the token.

Here is an example :

"{{strategy.order.action}} KOYeZeW3teghCNLG1htMm5j8"

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