From Current Live Price

The best price setup when the market is moving with low volatility.

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Understanding How To Use 'From Current Live Price'

If you select “from current live price, we use the market price at the moment of launching the rule. Coinrule uses that price to calculate the target at which the buy order will execute.

In this example, the rule is set to buy BTCUSDT with a price decrease by 1%, and the market price is currently 36546 USDT.

The price drop to 36178 USDT and the Buy order executes.

When does the current live price resets?

Every time the rule starts back from the first condition, the price reference is updated according to market conditions.

In the above example, after executing the buy order, the new current live price would be close to 36178.

Note: if you use the THEN operator between actions, the first condition becomes active again after the second condition executes, and at that moment, the new current live price is updated.

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